The world of market research has changed rapidly in recent years. In the past, market research took place in writing, by telephone or face-to-face. We have long been accustomed to online market research and the latest trend is market research via social media. Below we have placed a number of links that will help you with market research and around it. Marketing research

Administration office for your bookkeeping, taxes and business advice. Administration offices are an important link for companies. Exactly which services are delivered differs from customer to customer. Below are a number of links with information and reliable partners that will want to help you. Administration

Business services is a very diverse sector that represents over a fifth of the Dutch economy. It mainly has business and the government as a customer. Curious about the latest trends and developments for the business services sector? Read more about figures and trends in the business services sector. Business economics

For an open economy like the Dutch, the international environment is of great importance. Economic growth in Europe and the rest of the world has a major impact on the development of the Dutch economy. Want to stay updated with structural and cyclical developments in the global economy and on the financial markets? View our links for more information. International economics

Every company needs a successful marketing strategy. This process is not always good and a good marketeer can guarantee a lot of good things. For tips or reliable partners you can look at our usefull links. Marketing.

Today's marketing has changed rapidly in recent years. With things that worked perfectly well ten years ago, you can not really work like that today. We also see that traditional forms of marketing are slowly disappearing and new types are emerging. Do you want more information about marketing in and around your company? Then view our other link partners. Others

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